Thursday, June 18, 2015

Welcome to Håholmen Havstuer!

Håholmen, a fishing community worthy of presevation in the Hustadvika bay, has served as a meeting place, harbour, home and workplace for fishermen, sailors, shopkeepers and travellers for hundreds of years. Håholmen has been a stockfish fishing community since the beginning of the 1700s. In 1898, Ragnar Thorseth's grandfather, Bård Bergseth, purchased the place and settled down there. Fishing operations continued up until 1960 and the Bergseth family lived there permanently until 1978.

Since 1989, Kari and Ragnar Thorseth have brought new life to the 300-year-old fishing village, Håholmen, and this beautiful, weather-beaten island has once again become an attractive meeting place for people. However, now key personnel from companies and other organisations seeking a different, better environment and surroundings gather here when they have important matters to discuss and decide.

Håholmen stands out in particular as being a peacful and inspirational meeting place when people who work together wish to become better acquainted with one another and the tasks they have been set. Håholmen is also a good place to be when you wish to become better acquainted with your foreign business contacts and customers, and at the same time show them a different, genuine and original piece of Norway interspersed with exciting and exotic activities. It is also a place where you can relax, gather inspiration and acquire renewed strength. Nature and the hand of man have combined at Håholmen to provide guests with a unique experience. The outer perimenter of the 50,000 m2 island forms a final defence against the ocean and the nearby shipping lanes. The island has an unusually beautiful, natural harbour, well protected from all types of weather. Around 30 buildings - several of then dating back to the 1700 and 1800s - serve to give Håholmen the impression of being an intimate village with a true coastal history, and everything there is available for you and your guests to enjoy.

- 49 hotel rooms - 100 beds
- Course/conference facilities
- Function rooms, inn and pub
- A la carte fish restaurant
- Boat rental
- Sea-going fishing boats
- Viking ships
- The Saga Siglar hall
- Inn and pub

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Loppa Whoppa" Norway Cod Fishing

Jason and his mates have been to Norway a few times to witness the massive Cod around the Loppa region. Enjoy these clips which are highlights of three trips in recent years :)