Friday, May 29, 2015

Soroya Sea Fishing Norway

It is no wonder that the tourist board on Soroya have dubbed their island: “The Land of the big fish”. It’s no wonder when the fishing is as varied with fish approaching the maximum size possible for their species in these nutrient rich waters surrounding Sørøya.

Our fishing camp on Sørøya is situated at the northwest end of the island in the small village of Sørvaer, right on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Due to the exposed location one runs a slight risk of not being able to go out to the hot spots when the winds are coming in out of the west but the benefits far outweigh this small possibility. Utilizing our high speed boats there is an abundance of fantastic fishing available within very reasonable distances. Situated in Sørvaer is a mini market, a petrol station and the fishing camp also sports a restaurant/pub that is open most nights.

The signature fish of this area is without a doubt the Cod, which at the right time of year reach a massive weight of up to 90 pounds.  The cod fishing is truly exceptional and in 2008 more than 10 fish weighing over 60lbs were caught - the biggest cod of the season weighing in at an astounding 75lbs! What was once a chance catch dreamt about by anglers is now routinely targeted and caught by our guests. Every year halibut approaching 220 pounds (100kg) are landed at Sørøya and for every big one, scores of smaller fish are caught. As the fishing methods have evolved this species has grown steadily in popularity among anglers. In recent years the coalfish have become more abundant around Sørvaer and specimens ranging from 17 to 33lbs are no longer rare. This said; if you are in the market for world record breaking coalfish chances are you are better off looking elsewhere, but then again one never knows... The wolf fish game is another area that has improved immensely. In some places the hard bottoms are positively teaming with wolves. For world-class quality flatfish one need only drop anchor in the bay some 300 yards off Sørvaer harbour and start fishing for 4-6lbs plaice as well as many other types of flatties.

The boats we use are among the very best available anywhere In Norway. Safety is our top priority as we want our guests to be able to feel safe at all times. When the conditions get really adverse in the extreme north of Norway it is a comfort to know that you have all the equipment necessary. The boats are fully stocked with top of the line electronics from Garmin & Lowrance. All the boats carry a colour chart plotter, sonar, radar and VHF. There is also complete safety equipment sets and for your angling needs you will find gaffs, halibut spears, rod holders etc. Positions for known productive spots are stored in the GPS units and together with expert knowledge contributed by our guides you will have all the information you need for an exceptional angling experience. The boats are fully loaded with fuel on arrival and it is expected that the guests reciprocate by topping up the tanks before leaving. There is a petrol station close to the camp accepting most major credit cards. 4-5 people can fish from the 23.5ft Arronets, which come equipped with top quality, environmentally friendly four stroke engines - 135hp for the Arronets.

Throughout the summer we have at least 2 guides present on site to help you get the most out of your stay as well as to help you catch the big ones. These guides can also be hired to take you fishing on the bigger Arronet boat 8.3 m by 2.7 m with 225 hp four stroke engines which carries 5 guests + the guide. Many productive reefs and flats are reached by a mere 5-20 minute boat ride from Sørvaer but when the conditions are right you can venture even further out with one of our guides to the really hot spots. These longer trips, with transit times of up to 75 minutes, are coordinated between the guides and the guests and always with a sharp eye on the weather report. We never go out unless the weather is perfect and never with fewer than 2 boats.

All of this makes Sørøya a perfect destination for either just a couple of anglers or if you have a club group we can tailor the best sea fishing trip just for you.


Saltwater perking, jigging, trolling, down rigging


Season: March to Sept
Peak: March to April
Weight: 5 lb to 75 lb
Average Weight: 10lb

Season: March to Sept
Peak: March to May
Weight: 5 lb to 33 lb
Average Weight: 6lb

Season: March to Sept
Peak: April to August
Weight: 6 lb to 220 lb
Average Weight: 20lb 

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