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Activities and attractions in Senja, Northern Norway

Postcard Senja

Visitors and tourists refer to Senja as a place immediately in love with, both because of the people who live here and not least the extraordinary beautiful, rugged and beautiful scenery that surrounds every meter of the 1586 km ², which consists of Senja.

Every visit to the island is in itself an experience with their elongated deep fjords surrounded by similar enchanting mountains, interrupted only by small idyllic bays and coves covered with chalk-white beaches and genuine coral sand. A true paradise.

Like this you can continue to run around, either by car along the shoreline or by boat in Senjas archipelago, and think that this place was the most beautiful you have ever seen and experienced, then come to a new place soon after with even a greater spectacular postcard scene .

Every little place and villages have their own characteristics and story to tell, so you will also find many small museums, protected buildings, monuments and archaeological national history around. Botnhamn for example, only a few kilometers from the All in One Vacation in Laukvik, has a number of archaeological finds from the stone, iron and middle ages from about the year 1000.
Museums and Attractions

The most famous museums in Senja is Hofsøya Museum, Kveitemuseet in Skrolsvik -which also houses an old general store with original shop interior from the 1920s, the Sami Museum in Kaperdalen, Senjehesten Coastal Defence, Skaland Mining Museum, Holtermann Palace Museum and the vicarage museum affiliated Tranøy Church.

But there are also many other attractions that make both large and small thrive on the island of Senja. For example, Senja fjord horse farm, Senja Family Park, the Senja Troll and Hulderheimen in Finnsæter, Senja Nikkelverk at Hamn, Kråkeslottet on Bøvær, Ånderdalen National Park, the many sandy beaches and nature in general as particularly Laukvik, the holiday paradise of Northern Senja, is well blessed with.

The scenery around Senja otherwise offer with everything from forest berries and mountain walks in the beautiful marked trails to mountain climbing, beach trips or fishing in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, scuba diving, hunting for grouse and other and endless number of photo subjects if you like photography.
Characteristics and fishing villages

Also, simply visit the many fishing villages is an experience for many. We can mention Husøy, a small fishing community on a small island where the most exposed buildings and objects are attached by wire to the ground, Senjahopen and Mefjordvær with all the proud fishing history they have, Torsken and Gryllefjord, where the latter place still practice the ancient custom of “Yttersia” with a siesta at midday and Sifjord with the praise of Sifjordura.

The entire north and west of Senja is called “Yttersia” (the Outer Side) popularly.

All these places are few hours away Laukvik, where you get to visit on day trips a lot depending on how much you want to experience.

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