Sunday, May 17, 2015

Go Deep-sea fishing along Norway's Pristine Coastline

Sea fishing in Norway offers visiting anglers year-round sport with a whole range of species, including some that regularly reach record proportions.

Norway's wild, rugged and utterly unspoilt coastline looks like the sort of place that should produce fantastic fishing. And the experience doesn't disappoint, with sea fishing that can be enjoyed year round. During balmy summers above the Arctic Circle the sun never dips below the horizon and you can enjoy fishing in the early hours under the famous midnight sun. Plankton rising to the surface attracts huge shoals of baitfish, followed quickly by hungry predators: a recipe for frantic sport. Winter also offers great fishing opportunities, particularly for cod of record breaking proportions. The World Championship in Cod Fishing takes place in the Lofoten Islands every year in March, for a reason.

Unlike most of the world's fishing grounds Norwegian waters receive relatively little commercial pressure and with favourable conditions provided by the Gulf Stream and rigorously enforced fishing regulations, populations of many species are actually on the increase.
Fish species

Cod is by far the most desirable species for most visiting sea anglers and whilst Norway (especially Northern Norway) is the undisputed "cod fishing capital of the world", Norwegian seas are also rich in many others species. Black and silver flanked saithe weighing over 9 kg (20 lbs) can be regarded as common. There are also haddock and the ugly though sweet tasting wolffish, another firm favourite with visiting anglers.

Norway is also the place to lock horns with that king amongst flatfish, the mighty halibut, and in recent years visiting anglers have taken many individual specimens weighing hundreds of pounds, the biggest so far, which weighed over 180 kg (400 lbs), seems small compared to some that have been caught in commercial nets.
Fishing areas

Check out the area around Kristiansand for fun summer fishing for a huge range of species, along the dramatic, yet sheltered southern coastline. The biggest cod swim off the winter coast of Finnmark and Troms.

Surrounded by the open sea, fjords and the many islands of the region, conditions in FjordKysten are often suitable for fishing, all year round. Fishing has always been important to this region, and not without good reason. Here you will findtraditional fishing villages and islands where fishing still is the main income for local people. Join local fishermen on guided tours, and they will show you the best fishing spots.

Further north along the coast you will find the Molde and Romsdal Region, known for its large variety of fish species and many good shore spots for angling. Here, you will also find the Atlantic Road, a good angling point in itself, and allowing easy access to many small and large islands. Providing protection for the fjords and inlets in the region, these make it possible to go fishing with relatively small boats year round.

From the islands of Hitra and Frøya in the south, via the Fosen peninsula, up to the Namdal coastline and Leka in the north, the thousands of islands and varied coastal scenery of Trøndelag make for a landscape that is both wild and charming.Trøndelag offers ideal conditions for all anglers, regardless of their skill and experience and the kind of challenges they seek. In addition, the thousands of rivers and lakes here make this one of the best places in the world for salmon fishing.
Fishing equipment

To take advantage you need to be well equipped and willing to cope with cold weather (temperatures in winter are typically 32°F to 17.6°F). There are plenty of charter skippers who run modern boats and will take you to the most productive marks – most provide protective clothing and even the right tackle if you prefer not to bring your own.

For experienced boat handlers self-use boats are also available for hire. Wherever you go in Norway you will find these to be of high quality and equipped with a full range of modern safety features - a reflection of high living standards that also apply in fishing camps, hotels and lodges throughout the country.

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