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Fishing trips and excursions on sea, land and mountains

Adventure island of Senja

Senja, Norway’s second-largest island, is probably the place in Norway that has the greatest variety of scenery and landscaping limited to a single area. Here the natural beauty of the queue behind every hill, turn or winding, and particularly in Northern Senja in the vicinity of Laukvik are the contrasts in the landscape an experience of a lifetime to see.

In Northern Senja, a few norwegian miles from Laukvik, is indeed Senjas highest mountain, Breidtinden (1017 m) also located, where you can see from the top over large parts of Senja and until Finnsnes and gisundbrua. Astritinden (742 m), in just walking distance from Laukvik is immediately somewhat easier to climb and can be done in a couple-three hours also have the same great view of the Malangen, Kvaløya and Sommarøya, with majestic Håja as a beautiful focal point and gaze at the horizon.

In most mountain lakes in Senja you can also fish, and often State fishing license is the only card you need from fishing license since the island is mostly comprised of state land, while in salmon-bearing rivers in addition must have basic card.
Sheltered bays and sandy beaches

If you have wandered in the mountains on Senja and become speechless with admiration of the beautiful nature, expecting even more natural impression when you travel by boat around the islands.

By boat you can experience the beautiful and varied coastline around Senja by steep shaped mountains that fall directly into the sea and form an idyllic sheltered bays and coves with fine white beaches as tourist destinations much further south in the world have reason to envy us.

Visual impressions are diverse and enhanced by the teeming bird and animal life that you can get close to with a little cunning and patience. In particular, sea eagle is a magnificent sight, and the population is stable so great chances to approach this royal bird is definitely possible.

Outside Laukvik, northeast of Senja and outer Malangen, lies the small island Hekkingen. Hekkingen has always been a popular target for egg harvesting and picking feathers down because of the large population of seabirds on the island. Waters and the conditions outside can sometimes be very rough, and from the middle of the 1800s, there has therefore been a sailing lighthouse on the island for fishermen and other boat traffic, known as Hekkingen lighthouse (picture to the left). A little more than ten years after the creation of Hekkingen lighthouse a lighthouse keeper was killed in part on the sea outside, who actually was from Laukvik.
Pomor Trading in Hekkingsundet outside Senja

In the old days there was great pomor trading in Hekkingsundet, the sea bed which is outside Hekkingen, where it was delivered fish and traded with other goods from the Russian naval and traders.

Hekkingen lighthouse and associated buildings were protected in 2000, and in 2004, large parts of the island also regulated as a conservation area. Hekkingen lighthouse was one of the latest in Norway automated in 2005 and is operated today by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket). Read more about Hekkingen and watch a video!
Deep sea fishing with a guaranteed catch of fish

In the old days it was not unusual to get halibut on several hundred kilograms both outside Laukvik and elsewhere in Senja, when fishing was at the largest. We guarantee though not fish of this size, but giant halibuts (Storkveita) is still there with both large cod, saithe, catfish and salmon, and with the proper knowledge about the sea and the fishing banks and fishing spots you will be soon a member of the mega-kg-class fishermen.

Wherever you find yourself comfortable on the sea, you are guaranteed to catch with some fish size. Fishing combined with excursion to one of the many coves in the archipelago is also something we can recommend, and our guests get a good guiding of the area and custom-drawn maps of the good fishing spots.

Senja is known as the adventure island throughout Norway as well as beyond our borders. With a visit to Laukvik on Senja at All in One Vacation we will show you why.

You are welcome to a great vacation stay

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