Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sea fishing with a rod or cheat on Senja, Norway

Rich fishing areas and many deep-sea species

Senja has several hundred years of fishing traditions to refer to and have as long been associated with Norway’s richest fishing grounds right outside the door to the many fishing villages. Although the number of active fishing community today is somewhat reduced the fishing and fish populations remain the same and are enormously rich in fish resources and different fish species.

Much of the rich fish resources in Senja comes mainly from the large populations of plankton and the number of spawning grounds for fish in the immediate vicinity around the island and fjord regions, created by a variety of mountain and sea-bed formations with many deep and sandy grounds, which in turn creates a perfect foundation for sustainable fishing stocks of sustainable fishing tribes, such as cod, halibut, pollock, haddock, catfish, redfish, tusk and salmon.

In addition, rich trout populations in rivers and waterways and the ocean trout populations.
How to find the best fishing spots on Senja?

Many tourists come to Senja just because of fishing opportunities on the island, and All in One Vacation offers guests direct access to the best fishing spots in the seas off Laukvik of Northern Senja, but also for trout and salmon rivers on the mountain and inland areas that have abundant fish stocks, which are often unknown to the public.

The knowledge of such “secret fishing spots” are often passed down through generations and / or acquired after years of experience and local knowledge, and based on this special fishing maps have been prepared to guests with access to the best fishing spots when booking a holiday with us. Included in the booking, you also get good sea and seaworthy boats (21 foot / 115 hp), all with chartplotter, depth sounder and GPS.

Boats that are associated with booking, you can dispose freely throughout the stay, see “Pricing”.
Fish Guarantee

Equipped with your own boat during your stay, fishing maps and sonar, we can guarantee you catch either the rod or cheat in the waters of the North Senja. Often the big fish are taken, but it also requires their man or woman to get these up, so our ambitions should be proportionate to desire. Halibut for over a hundred pounds and 20-30 pounds cod are not uncommon.

After treatment of the fish catch can be done in the processing house (See Houses and cottages) which have large benches with good effects and sinks and a separate filleting room made just for cooking fish.

After filleting and treatment you can save the fish in a separate refrigeration and freezer in the processing house. Here you can also dress up before and after the fishing trip.

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